01 August 2019

New Books: August 2019

See below for new listings of books due out in August. There are also a few references to books published in June and July as well as a legal text.

August 2019:

Nina Maadad, Syrian Refugee Children in Australia and Sweden: Education and Survival among the Displaced, Dispossessed and Disrupted, Routledge, August 2019

Peter, Gatrell, The Unsettling of Europe: How Migration Reshaped a Continent, Basic Books, August 2019

July 2019:

Robin Andersen & Adrian Bergmann, Media, Central American Refugees, and the U.S. Border Crisis: Security Discourses, Immigrant Demonization, and the Perpetuation of Violence, Routledge, July 2019

Sinja Hantscher, The UNHCR and Disaster Displacement in the 21st Century: An Organizational Analysis, Palgrave Macmillan, July 2019

June 2019:

Sergio Carrera, Juan Santos Vara & Tineke Strik, eds., Constitutionalising the External Dimensions of EU Migration Policies in Times of Crisis: Legality, Rule of Law and Fundamental Rights Reconsidered, Edward Elgar, June 2019
- Note: Chapter 1 is freely available.

Legal text:

Kevin R. Johnson, Raquel Aldana, Bill Ong Hing, Leticia M. Saucedo & Enid Trucios-Haynes, Understanding Immigration Law, 3rd ed., Carolina Academic Press, August 2019

02 July 2019

New Books: July 2019

See below for new listings of books due out in July. There are also a few references to books published in May and legal texts.

July 2019:

Khalid Arar, Jeffrey S. Brooks & Ira Bogotch, eds., Education, Immigration and Migration: Policy, Leadership and Praxis for a Changing World, Emerald Publishing, July 2019

Heather Smith-Cannoy, ed., Emerging Threats to Human Rights: Resources, Violence, and Deprivation of Citizenship, Temple Univ. Press, July 2019

Burcu Dogramaci & Birgit Mersmann, eds., Handbook of Art and Global Migration: Theories, Practices, and Challenges, De Gruyter, July 2019

Terry Gibson, Making Aid Agencies Work: Reconnecting INGOs with the People They Serve, Emerald Publishing, July 2019

Neil Carrier & Tabea Scharrer, eds., Mobile Urbanity: Somali Presence in Urban East Africa, Berghahn Books, July 2019

Olga Maya Demetriou, Refugeehood and the Postconflict Subject: Reconsidering Minor Losses, SUNY Press, July 2019 

Elizabeth G. Ferris & Katharine M. Donato, Refugees, Migration and Global Governance: Negotiating the Global Compacts, Routledge, July 2019

Wendy Hunter, Undocumented Nationals: Between Statelessness and Citizenship, Cambridge Univ. Press, July 2019

May 2019:

Jody L. McBrien, ed., Educational Policies and Practices of English-Speaking Refugee Resettlement Countries, Brill, May 2019

Legal texts:

Jane McAdam & Fiona Chong, Refugee Rights and Policy Wrongs: A Frank, Up-to-date Guide by Experts, New South Books, July 2019

10 June 2019

New Books: June 2019

See below for new listings of books due out in June. There are also a few references to books published in April and May, as well as links to new legal, reference and open access texts.

June 2019:

Alexander W. Wiseman, Lisa Damaschke-Deitrick, Ericka L. Galegher & Maureen F. Park, eds., Comparative Perspectives on Refugee Youth Education: Dreams and Realities in Educational Systems Worldwide, Routledge, June 2019

Ibolya Losoncz, Institutional Disrespect: South Sudanese Experiences of the Structural Marginalisation of Refugee Migrants in Australia, Palgrave Pivot, June 2019

Alexandra Dellios, ed., Memory and Family in Australian Refugee Histories, Routledge, June 2019

Kirsty Strokosch, Public Service Management and Asylum: Co-production, Inclusion and Citizenship, Routledge, June 2019

S. Megan Berthold & Kathryn R. Libal, eds., Refugees and Asylum Seekers: Interdisciplinary and Comparative Perspectives, Praeger, June 2019

Sarah Léonard & Christian Kaunert, Refugees, Security and the European Union, Routledge, June 2019 

Megan Bradley, James Milner & Blair Peruniak, eds., Refugees' Roles in Resolving Displacement and Building Peace: Beyond Beneficiaries, Georgetown University Press, June 2019 

Stephen Smith, The Scramble for Europe: Young Africa on Its Way to the Old Continent, Polity, June 2019 

Inka Stock, Time, Migration and Forced Immobility: Sub-Saharan African Migrants in Morocco, Bristol University Press, June 2019

May 2019:

Marian Malet, Rachel Dickson, Sarah MacDougall & Anna Nyburg, eds., Applied Arts in British Exile from 1933: Changing Visual and Material Culture, Brill/Rodopi, May 2019

Silvia Salvatici, A History of Humanitarianism, 1755–1989: In the Name of Others, Manchester University Press, May 2019

Ruth McKoy Lowery, Rose Pringle & Mary Ellen Oslick, Land of Opportunity: Immigrant Experiences in the North American Landscape, Rowman & Littlefield, May 2019

Sarah Crowther, Working with Asylum Seekers and Refugees: What to Do, What Not to Do, and How to Help, Jessica Kingsley Publishers, May 2019

April 2019:

Işık Kulu-Glasgow, Monika Smit & Ibrahim Sirkeci, eds., Unaccompanied Children: From Migration to Integration, Transnational Press London, April 2019

Legal texts:

Moritz Baumgärtel, Demanding Rights: Europe's Supranational Courts and the Dilemma of Migrant Vulnerability, Cambridge University Press, May 2019

Reference books:

Migreurop, The Atlas of Migration in Europe: A Critical Geography of Migration Policies, Routledge, June 2019

Open access:

Leen d'Haenens, Willem Joris & François Heinderyckx, eds., Images of Immigrants and Refugees: Media Representations, Public Opinion and Refugees' Experiences, Leuven University Press, May 2019

01 May 2019

New Books: May 2019

See below for new listings of books due out in May. There are also a few references to books published in April, as well as links to new legal texts and an open access text.

May 2019:

Juan Carlos Velasco & MariaCaterina La Barbera, eds., Challenging the Borders of Justice in the Age of Migrations, Springer, May 2019

Adam Hosein, The Ethics of Migration: An Introduction, Routledge, May 2019

Johannes Dragsbaek Schmidt, Leah Kimathi & Michael Omondi Owiso, eds., Refugees and Forced Migration in the Horn and Eastern Africa: Trends, Challenges and Opportunities, Springer, May 2019

Daniel G Maxwell & Kirsten Gelsdorf, Understanding the Humanitarian World, Routledge, May 2019

April 2019:

Kyle Farmbry, Migration and Xenophobia: A Three Country Exploration, Rowman & Littlefield, April 2019

Kelly Oliver, Lisa M. Madura & Sabeen Ahmed , eds., Refugees Now: Rethinking Borders, Hospitality, and Citizenship, Rowman & Littlefield, April 2019

New legal texts:

Anna Liguori, Migration Law and the Externalization of Border Controls: European State Responsibility, Routledge, March 2019

Maria O’Sullivan, Refugee Law and Durability of Protection: Temporary Residence and Cessation of Status, Routledge, May 2019

Open access:

Erik R. Vickstrom, Pathways and Consequences of Legal Irregularity: Senegalese Migrants in France, Italy and Spain, Springer, April 2019

01 April 2019

New Books: April 2019

See below for new listings of books due out in April. There are also a few references to books published in March, as well as links to new legal texts and an open access text.

April 2019:

Beth C. Caldwell, Deported Americans: Life after Deportation to Mexico, Duke Univ. Press, April 2019

Lindsey N. Kingston, Fully Human: Personhood, Citizenship, and Rights, Oxford Univ. Press, April 2019

Karly S. Kehoe, Eva Alisic & Jan-Christoph Heilinger, eds., Responsibility for Refugee and Migrant Integration: A Comprehensive Study on Integration Processes in Western Europe and North America, De Gruyter, April 2019

Nick Thorpe, The Road Before Me Weeps: On the Refugee Route through Europe, Yale Univ. Press, April 2019 

Jonathan Freedman & Steven Mayers, eds., Solito, Solita: Crossing Borders with Youth Refugees from Central America, Haymarket Books, April 2019 

Jennifer Kling, War Refugees: Risk, Justice, and Moral Responsibility, Lexington Books, April 2019

March 2019:

Susanna Price & Jane Singer, eds., Country Frameworks for Development Displacement and Resettlement: Reducing Risk, Building Resilience, Routledge, March 2019 

Christine Crudo Blackburn & Paul E. Lenze, Jr., Syrian Forced Migration and Public Health in the European Union, Lexington Books, March 2019

New legal texts:

Agnieszka Kubal, Immigration and Refugee Law in Russia: Socio-Legal Perspectives, Cambridge Univ. Press, March 2019 

Vincent Chetail, International Migration Law, Oxford Univ. Press, April 2019 

Michelle Foster & Hélène Lambert, International Refugee Law and the Protection of Stateless Persons, Oxford Univ. Press, April 2019

Open access:

Martin Ruhs, Kristof Tamas & Joakim Palme, eds., Bridging the Gaps: Linking Research to Public Debates and Policy Making on Migration and Integration, Oxford Univ. Press, March 2019

04 March 2019

New Books: March 2019

See below for new listings of books due out in March. There are also additional references to books published in February.

March 2019:

Terence Chun Tat Shum, Asylum-Seeking Journeys in Asia: Refugees in Hong Kong and Bangkok, Routledge, March 2019

Greg Grandin, The End of the Myth: From the Frontier to the Border Wall in the Mind of America, Metropolitan Books, March 2019

David Scott FitzGerald, Refuge Beyond Reach: How Rich Democracies Repel Asylum Seekers, Oxford University Press, March 2019

Christine Crudo Blackburn & Paul E. Lenze, Jr., Syrian Forced Migration and Public Health in the European Union, Lexington Books, March 2019

Bridget M. Haas & Amy Shuman, Technologies of Suspicion and the Ethics of Obligation in Political Asylum, Ohio University Press, March 2019

February 2019:

Katharyne Mitchell, Reece Jones & Jennifer L. Fluri, eds., Handbook on Critical Geographies of Migration, Edward Elgar, Feb. 2019

Khalid Arar, Kussai Haj-Yehia, David B Ross & Yasar Kondakci, eds., Higher Education Challenges for Migrant and Refugee Students in a Global World, Peter Lang, Feb. 2019

Deborah A. Boehm & Susan J. Terrio, eds., Illegal Encounters: The Effect of Detention and Deportation on Young People, NYU Press, Feb. 2019

Sudha Rajput, Internal Displacement and Conflict: The Kashmiri Pandits in Comparative Perspective, Routledge, Feb. 2019

01 February 2019

New Books: February 2019

See below for new listings of books due out in February. There are also references to books published in January and December as well as a new legal text title.

February 2019:

Laurie L. Charlés & Gameela Samarasinghe, eds., Family Systems and Global Humanitarian Mental Health: Approaches in the Field, Springer, Feb. 2019

Gordon DiGiacomo & Susan L. Kang, eds., The Institutions of Human Rights: Developments and Practices, Univ. of Toronto Press, Feb. 2019
- See esp. Chapter 6, "Protecting Refugee Rights: International Refugee Law and the UNHCR."

Cecilia Menjívar, Marie Ruiz & Immanuel Ness, eds., The Oxford Handbook of Migration Crises, Oxford Univ. Press, Feb. 2019

Barbara K. Eisold, Psychodynamic Perspectives on Asylum Seekers and the Asylum-Seeking Process: Encountering Well-Founded Fear, Routledge, Feb. 2019

Trine Øland, Welfare Work with Immigrants and Refugees in a Social Democratic Welfare State, Routledge, Feb. 2019

January 2019:

Gregory Feldman, The Gray Zone: Sovereignty, Human Smuggling, and Undercover Police Investigation in Europe, Stanford Univ. Press, Jan. 2019

Pascale Allotey & Daniel Reidpath, eds., The Health of Refugees: Public Health Perspectives from Crisis to Settlement, Oxford Univ. Press, Jan. 2019

Daphna Sharfman, Refugees, Human Rights and Realpolitik: The Clandestine Immigration of Jewish Refugees from Italy to Palestine, 1945-1948, Routledge, Jan. 2019

Gaja Maestri, Temporary Camps, Enduring Segregation: The Contentious Politics of Roma and Migrant Housing, Palgrave Macmillan, Jan. 2019

Sue Clayton, Anna Gupta & Katie Willis, eds., Unaccompanied Young Migrants: Identity, Care and Justice, Policy Press, Jan. 2019

December 2018:

Susana de Sousa Ferreira, Human Security and Migration in Europe's Southern Borders, Palgrave Macmillan, Dec. 2018

Arzu Güler, Maryna Shevtsova & Denise Venturi, eds., LGBTI Asylum Seekers and Refugees from a Legal and Political Perspective: Persecution, Asylum and Integration, Springer, Dec. 2018

Alexander Krämer & Florian Fischer, eds., Refugee Migration and Health: Challenges for Germany and Europe, Springer, Dec. 2018

Elisabeth Wacker, Ulrich Becker & Katharina Crepaz, eds., Refugees and Forced Migrants in Africa and the EU: Comparative and Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Challenges and Solutions, Springer, Dec. 2018

Legal texts:

Charlotte Lülf, Conflict Displacement and Legal Protection: Understanding Asylum, Human Rights and Refugee Law, Routledge, Feb. 2019